Selecting the right type of fireplace should be simple, right? Many homeowners debate this issue as they like the atmosphere that a traditional wood-burning fireplace can offer but seek the cleanliness and ease offered with gas fireplaces.

What many homeowners fail to see are the additional benefits that a gas fireplace can offer. The following infographic will walk you through some facts you may not have known before:

The 7 C’s of Choosing Gas Fireplaces

Consistent Heat Supply – With wood-burning fireplaces, the logs burn out and need to be constantly fed in order to keep the heat going. With a gas-burning fireplace, you can have the benefit of regular heat for as long as you keep the fireplace on.

Clean Operation – Wood-burning fireplaces require regular cleaning to remove soot and the potentially dangerous by-product, creosote. Gas fireplaces do not leave any contaminants and require little cleaning in the long run.

Caters to family safety – In addition to not leaving behind soot or creosote, gas fireplaces do not spark or pop from the burning of wood. This prevents a common source of housefires and provides peace of mind to allow the fire to run without needing to always have someone present in the room.

Cheaper to Run – While wood-burning fireplaces might seem to be a cheap option, they can actually costs a decent amount. An Average family spends about $200 a year on logs and $200 on inspection and cleaning (Thumbtack) whereas gas fireplaces on average only cost about 29 cents to run per hour (Hunker) to run for the year and $75 to have inspected (if desired).

Chimney-Less Installation – Wood-burning fireplaces require a chimney to release the mass amount of smoke being expelled from burning wood. Gas fireplaces offer the option of installing a balanced flue which removes the hassle of having to install an expensive chimney.

Controlled Flexibility – Gas fireplaces offer a few nice features for control and ease. First, they give you the option of controlling the flame and, in turn, the temperature. Some gas fireplaces also come with remote control operation which means they can be instantly turned off in case of emergency or need.

Conserved Personal Energy – And finally, the best part of all, with a gas fireplace, there’s no need to purchase and store firewood at home. This saves you space and energy. You also don’t need to purchase additional stoking tools or find a place to keep them inside the house.

The benefits of gas fireplaces are high when it comes to convenience and ease. Here, at Aspen fireplace, we offer many types of gas fireplace inserts as well as accessories. Be sure to visit our website and reach out to a representative to learn more!