Imagine the first cold night of fall – you throw a heavier blanket on the bed, curl up in some flannel pajamas and turn on your fireplace, but something is wrong. What do you do? You probably pick up your phone to call your fireplace repairman, only to hear a busy dial tone on the other end because everyone else is in the cold, too. It is likely you’ll spend the next 2-6 weeks without a working fireplace, freezing, while you wait for an appointment to have it fixed.

Now, imagine curling up in your flannel pajamas, blanket and hot cocoa on hand in front of a well-working fireplace. The key to enjoying your fireplace on that first cold night is being proactive and having an annual gas inspection in the off-season to ensure your fireplace works when you turn it on in the fall.

There are many advantages to getting your inspection done in the spring and summer:

  • New installations aren’t being done so appointments are easier to schedule and wait time is shorter.
  • Discounted rates to encourage summer inspections and avoid fall inspections when it is busier.
  • Shorter wait time – in the summer you might wait 1 week while in the fall you could be waiting 2-6 weeks

Having your annual gas inspection is easy, just call (614) 423-4255 to set up an appointment. The service appointment itself takes about an hour and includes cleaning, testing of electrical parts for functionality, putting new embers in the burner and a multiple point test of your fireplace to ensure everything is in working order when you finally turn it on that first cold night. Don’t delay your inspection until the busy season, be proactive and contact us today.