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Best ROI Home Remodeling Projects

What Is ROI? Return On Investment – many financial organizations and businesses use ROI statistics as an important concept decision making on any financial or investment situation. When it comes to home remodeling, ROI is what you will get back when you sell your home. To calculate the ROI of a project, take the increased

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6 Designs to Make Your Patio Area Comfortable

There are quite a few things you can do to turn your patio area into something unforgettable and interesting, but it will take some doing and planning before you can call it a day. Enjoying the sunny skies outside means you will have to focus on a practical, yet comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solution you

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Sizzling Summer

Prepare for a Sizzling Summer Fireplaces? In Summer? You must be Joking……. Well, folks, we’re not. Here at Aspen Fireplace, we believe fireplaces, fire pits, and outdoor ovens can provide plenty of use in all seasons and greatly enhance your space for a fantastic summer spent with friends and family. Read more on suggestions for

Aspen Fireplace and Patio offers YETI Coolers, Gear and Accessories in Columbus Ohio

Aspen Fireplace and Patio has expanded its selection, and has added YETI Coolers, Gear, and Accessories. The Columbus Ohio Fireplace and Patio leader now offers a full array of premium YETI products.  YETI products are popular with people from all parts of life ranging from avid outdoor enthusiasts, tailgaters, college students, and people who just

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Outdoor Furniture Maintenance Tips and Guidelines

After spending a few seasons on your porch, the furnishings you have may begin to show their age with mildew, rust marks, stains and more. Use the following general care tips to ensure you have your tables, cushions, chairs and more looking good as time goes by. Outdoors furniture with woven fabrics will generally have

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Fireplace Safety: The Basics

Fireplaces seem simple enough to handle, right? As we move closer and closer into the winter months, we’re more than ready to throw in a log, light a match, and begin stoking that toasty fire. Even though usage is relatively simple, every type of fireplace, whether wood-burning, gas, or electric, poses a potential danger to

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Which type of BBQ grill should you choose? Gas grill, Charcoal, Pellet or Electric?

It's that time of year again when the weather is heating up and the days are getting longer. With weather like this, it’s the perfect time to have family and friends come over and spend some time on the patio enjoying a delicious meal fresh of the grill. Cookouts and social events in the summertime

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Why Fireplace Doors are better than Screens

When it comes to fireplace accessories, there are none more important than fireplace doors or screens. They are both important aspects of maintaining a safe and healthy fireplace, but they don’t serve the exact same purpose. Oftentimes, people are confused about the differences between fireplace doors and a fireplace screen. This article will help you

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7 Reasons Why a Traditional Fireplace Provides Outstanding Value for Your Home

  In this day and age homeowners are going to great lengths to add the most unique and high-tech equipment to their homes to provide a more comfortable living environment. Most of these additions are very costly, expensive to maintain, and mostly go unused shortly after installation. A traditional fireplace is the type of addition

Your Guide to Lighting a Gas Fireplace Pilot Light

There’s a reason gas fireplaces are becoming more and more popular for homeowners today. The joy of having a gas fireplace is truly in the ease it brings to everyone. Who wants to go out in the cold to chop wood, haul it inside and get messy while doing it? Most gas fireplaces have a

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