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6 Designs to Make Your Patio Area Comfortable

There are quite a few things you can do to turn your patio area into something unforgettable and interesting, but it will take some doing and planning before you can call it a day. Enjoying the sunny skies outside means you will have to focus on a practical, yet comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solution you

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Fireplace Safety: The Basics

Fireplaces seem simple enough to handle, right? As we move closer and closer into the winter months, we’re more than ready to throw in a log, light a match, and begin stoking that toasty fire. Even though usage is relatively simple, every type of fireplace, whether wood-burning, gas, or electric, poses a potential danger to

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4 Fantastic Fireplace Inserts for This Fall

As you wind down your outdoor time and prepare for more indoor activity, Aspen Fireplace wants to help get your redesign ideas set in motion by highlighting a few of our stand-out designs for this fall. Listed below are the best ones to consider.   Town & Country 36 Arch Gas Fireplace For a

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How to Begin Preparing Your Fireplace for Fall

As hard as it is to admit, summer is quickly coming to a close. While the idea of wrapping up fun outdoor activities might be upsetting, we are quickly warming things up by preparing our indoor gas and woodburning fireplaces for your upcoming fall. In order to get the most out of those cool, cozy

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