So far, we’ve talked about two similar chimney sweep methods: the Top Down method and the Bottom Up method. The Weight method is most similar to the Top Down method, but you will need some different materials. Instead of the flexible metal rods, you need rope and a weight (minimum of 20 lbs.). Like the Top Down method, the Weight method requires you to sweep your chimney from on top of your roof. As always, the most important thing is to be careful. If you are not comfortable on top of your roof, Aspen Fireplace provides professional chimney sweep service and can do it for you.


For the Weight chimney sweep method, you will first assemble the rope, pull rings, weight, and brush. Then, drop the weight and brush inside your chimney and raise and lower the brush so that it scrubs the inside of the chimney walls. Work your way down to the bottom.


One benefit of the Weight chimney sweep method is that you can close your fireplace doors to contain the mess. Before you get started just close your doors and then when you are done, open the doors and scoop out all the soot and debris. Make sure to dispose of the soot and creosote in accordance with your local laws.


The weight method is a popular type of chimney sweep because it usually cleans thoroughly and it’s easy to assemble the parts together. If you are not as much of a do-it-yourself person, don’t feel like you have to do a chimney sweep on your own. Aspen Fireplace will come out and perform a chimney sweep for you. We recommend you get a chimney sweep at least once every year, and even more if you use your fireplace often. To schedule your chimney sweep, contact us and we will respond quickly to find a time that works for you.