The fireplace can be the most important and centering aspect of a well-designed home. However, it’s common to see a home with a fireplace and no fireplace door. Some homeowners simply haven’t had the chance or taken the time to buy and install a fireplace door, and some think that they are unnecessary. However, a fireplace door can improve your home’s:

  • Insulation
  • Safety
  • Style
  • Cleanliness

In the winter, you want your home to stay warm as efficiently as possible. Everyone knows that proper insulation is key in ensuring that. However, many don’t realize that a fireplace, if not properly covered with a door, can suck the heat out of your house, costing you more to heat your home. When the fireplace isn’t lit, the warm air in your house will rise out of the chimney unless the doors are shut. In the long run, glass fireplace doors will help insulate you from rising energy costs.

Glass fireplace doors can also make your fireplace safer and cleaner. When closed, the doors will prevent embers and ash from escaping from wood-burning fireplaces and onto your floor. This significantly reduces the risk of fire. Many homeowners are also concerned about children playing in or near fireplaces, or about curious pets getting inside of them. A fireplace door will help ensure that nothing except firewood makes it into your fireplace, and nothing but heat comes out of it and into your home.

Finally, glass fireplace doors can be a beautiful addition to your home simply by adding style.

Typically, doors are made out of either ceramic glass or tempered glass so that they can withstand the heat of the fire without shattering. Tempered glass is glass that has undergone thermal or chemical treatments which make it stronger than untreated glass. Ceramic glass is glass that has been partially crystallized through thermal treatment and chemical treatment, and shares many characteristics of both glass and ceramic.