Prepare for a Sizzling Summer

Fireplaces? In Summer? You must be Joking…….
Well, folks, we’re not. Here at Aspen Fireplace, we believe fireplaces, fire pits, and outdoor ovens can provide plenty of use in all seasons and greatly enhance your space for a fantastic summer spent with friends and family. Read more on suggestions for a sizzling summer!

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplaces are an excellent addition to your backyard or patio. Our wood-burning and gas outdoor fireplaces are a cozy addition to any seating area on a cool evening with stainless steel construction that provides protection against the elements so that your new gathering place stands the test of time.

Our wood-burning designs provide ease of use in loading wood and safety in burning a fire with fireplace doors to prevent shifting or moving of wood. Gas stoves are also an excellent option with valve options for both propane and natural gas that control size of flame and amount of heat. Check out our many outdoor fireplace options here.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Extend your home lounge area to include an outdoor wood burning or gas fire pit. The advantages are endless with a warm area to light up the night, encourage guests to spend time outdoors, cook with ease, and enjoy all year round!
Our showroom also features many standard and customized designs for installing open and enclosed fire pits in your backyard. Fire pits also have ensured safety with high-enclosures and/or covered grates to prevent flying sparks. We are prepared to make your summer setup dreams come true with a wide variety in materials, layouts, and past experience in outdoors pit projects. See more in our outdoor fire feature projects.

Outdoor Ovens

Baking doesn’t just have to be an indoor activity. Enhance your pizzas, breads, wings, veggies and more by installing an outdoor oven that can be used year-round. Cooking over open flame will enhance the flavor of food, enrich essential nutrients by cooking at a higher temperature, cook food more quickly.
Consider hosting your next pizza party in your backyard as this outdoor feature provides plenty of space to fit lots of food and churn through many orders quickly. Nothing beats that wood-grilled taste found in using an outdoor oven. Our experts are ready to provide tips and tricks today!

Become the Neighborhood HQ

You’ve got the people, you’ve got the yard, let us help transform your plot into an official neighborhood headquarters. Let the fireside be the guiding light for the kids of the neighborhood to play “Kick the Can” or “Ghost in the Graveyard.” At Aspen Fireplace & Patio we also serve your newfound outdoor needs by providing a large selection of outdoor furniture from many different styles. Browse our selection of cushion, polymer, sling, strap, wicker furniture, and much more.
Here at Aspen Fireplace & Patio we are believers that any backyard can be the setting for a great get-together. We are here to make your backyard the most desirable part for your summer plans. We invite you and your family to come in and discuss your summer wishlist. Whether it be new patio accessories, an outdoor fireplace, firepit, or any number of inside additions, visit our showroom today!